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Dylan Andrew Lappin - "yeah, buddy"

Working as a Sound Operator in the Television industry. Dylan has had an amazing opportunity traveling the world and working with tons and tons of different people. The thing that's most exciting about this job is you never know where you might be working next. Working over the last 10 years Dylan has gained experience on and off camera, lighting techniques, and a just a general understanding of what it takes to be part of a hard working team.

Dylan took up photography in high school and it seems to have followed him all the way up till today. Even with his passion in audio, and creating his own music, he always finds time to take the camera out for a stroll.

Dylan has now appeared on tv several times. A few times as an extra on shows like, "The Good Wife", "The Following", "Persons of Interest", and was a featured contestant on "The Love Connection" on Fox 5. He just recorded a new show for the SNY network that is yet to air.

Always working, Dylan is now working on a full-length movie script and always pushing his music. A force not to reckon with. Still looking for his big break and the bigger picture as he resides in Brooklyn, NY getting his shit done.

Latest Work -

Ultimate Girls Trip S4, Morocco, NBCUniversal (2023)

Storm of Suspicion, Weather Channel (2023)

Black Ink (Season 6 - 10), VH1 (2018 - Present)

NFL 360, Who If Not Us (2023)

Project Runway All Stars S20, Bravo (2022)

We’re Here S3, HBO (2022)

Ultimate Girls Trip S3, Thailand, NBCUniversal (2022)

American Daredevils (History Channel)

Our Little Family (TLC)

They call me Baba Booey (Web-series)

Iron Chef : America (Food Network)

Fashion Police w/ Joan Rivers (E!)

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